Essential Oils Carrying Case



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The Essential Oil Bag is an attractive fabric carrying case with special padded sections to hold 16 to 30 separate essential oil bottles. Holds both 5 and 15 ml. This beautifully sewn, padded, cloth carrying case holds 16 bottles (from 5 ml to 1 oz.). It has padded, cloth dividers between each bottle to keep them from banging together and a handle on the top to keep your oils upright. This case is also perfect for holding  1/2 ounce plastic dropper bottles, which work great for carrying your V-6 mixing oil.
Dimensions: Width: 5"; Depth: 5"; Height: 3.5"

16 vial 5 ml. to 1 oz.  $22.95
30 vial 5 ml. to 1 oz.  $37.95

Book not included.
Shipping $3.00 in US


5-15 ml. holder
This round padded case is excellent for holding the suggested oils for use with one of the emotional clearing CDs or any information CD.  When the CD is stored in the optional round plastic CD case, (shown below) it fits perfectly in the top of the oil case and makes a convenient storage solution for the entire kit.  Four possible color choices are available.  
Dimensions: Diameter: 5.5"; Height: 3.5"




 Blank Disc covers $.75 each

Colors Available:  Burgundy, Green, Navy, Purple, Sky Blue, Teal

$15.00 each-- Shipping $3.00 in US


 16 bottles-5/8-dram size vial holder
These specially made carrying cases are perfect for bringing small amounts of oils with you wherever you go. These compact carrying cases can carry up to  16 of our small 5/8-dram size vials—making them perfect for carrying samples of various oils, or even your own essential oils "emergency kit".
Dimensions: Width: 7.5"; Depth: 3.5"; Height: 1"
$19.95 each-shipping $3.00 in US
 Colors Available         
Black Burgandy Hunter
Navy Purple Royal





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