Healing Book of the Bible.
Paperback 326 Pg.

Educate yourself on the oils that were used through bible history. Oils were used for cleaning and healing. What an interesting book. You must have a copy if you are into essential oils.

Author David Stewart is a retired Methodist minister and former university science professor, is noted authority on essential oils and their healing applications.

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  • Intro: Healing vs. the Practice of Medicine
  • Ch 1.: God: The First Aromatherapist
  • Ch 2.: How and Why Oils Can Heal
  • Ch 3.: Atheistic Medicine & Priesthood Healing
  • Ch 4.: The Biblical Meaning of Anointment
  • Ch 5. : How Many Bible References to Oils
  • Ch 6.: Oils of Joy
  • Ch. 7.:The Balm of Gilead
  • Ch 8.: Roses of the Holy Land
  • Ch.9: The Cedars of Lebanon
  • Ch 10.: Myrrh: The Most Popular Oil of the Bible
  • Ch. 11.: Olive: The Other Healing Oil of the Bible
  • Ch 12.: Extracting Essences in Biblical Times
  • Ch 13.: Oils that Heal vs. Oils that Don't
  • Ch. 13: A Bible Oils Program You Can Do
  • Much more--------------


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