My son's hand

In 2002 my son was cooking and his fry pay cut a grease fire. He grabbed it to throw it out the door. When he opened the door the wind blew the fire back on his hand and face. He face had only a few small burns but his hand burned in flames. He ran to the sink and poured out the fire with water. Immediately upon arriving at the emergency room they put some burn cream on him and wrapped his hand in cloth. and gauge. He was to remove his bandages each day and put more cream on his raw blistered burnt hand. It was very painful. I was very concerned and I sent him some LavaDerm cooling mist.  #3249. He sprayed it on along with the cream that the doctor had provided. When he went back to the doctor they were amazed that the hand had healed so fast and well. Doctor said what in the world did your Mom send you? I knew right than that Young Living products work. You just have to know what one to use. My son is doing very well. His hand healed in about 3 months and he has little sign of burn. Just some lighter pigment which I understand will return over time. Thank God for the natural oils He has given us, to heal us and protect us , even today!