Sample Bottles

1/6 Dram
These vials are perfect for giving out samples of your favorite oils or blends to friends, family members, and potential clients! The clip on the cap of this vial also makes it simple to clip this vial on a business card, greeting card, or packet of information.
Sold by the doz.or sold singly with dabber caps. 
Size: 5/16" wide; 1-5/8" high (with cap). Holds 1/6 dram (.62 ml; 1/8 tsp)
Great to clip on information cards..

Package of 12--- $4.00
Singly-$.30 each

15 MIL.
These amber glass vials are great for safely storing and using any essential oil or blend. The dark amber coloring provides superb protection from damaging UV rays, while the white or black cap seals tightly to limit the oxidizing effects of outside air. Each bottle also features a plastic orifice reducer that enables you to drip the oils from the bottle so you can control exactly how much oil you are applying or adding to a blend. Each vial holds 15 ml (approximately 1/2 oz.)
 white caps only. Sold 6 to a pkg. or singly.

Package of 6--- $6.25
Singly- $.75 each

5 MIL Roll On
These small glass bottles are a handy way to apply essential oils, blends, and massage oils to the skin—simply roll them on as needed! Each bottle holds 1/6 oz. (approximately 5 ml) and come in a package of 1/2 dozen bottles, rollers, and platinum or gold-colored caps. Great to carry in purse, use your oils topically as a perfume.
May arrive with gold or platinum caps depending on

Package of 6--- $5.25
Singly-- $.75 each



5/8 Dram 1 inch tall
These small amber bottles fit well in our specially designed carrying case, making them the perfect solution for having your favorite oils with you all the time. They also work well for sharing samples with friends. Depending on the thickness of the oil, these bottles will hold between 25 and 30 drops.
 Amber (1 doz.)
white caps

Package of 12--- $6.00
Singly--$.50 each


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